Angela Newsome-Writer
Margaret Writes aka Angela Newsome, new Thriller/Mystery/Suspense fictional writer, philanthropist, SharePoint/Web Developer a.k.a. Margaret Writes is a resident of Fairfax County in Lorton Virginia, mother of 5 (Adrian Chavis, Dr. Antwon Chavis, Aisha, Robert II (co-author) and Master, (co-author) of “Buried Secrets of the Scorned”) and a wife of 29 years to R. Michael Newsome. 


The CEO/Co-Founder of an award-winning Non-Profit Virginia State registered 501©-3 Organization, the RPCard Foundation Partners, Inc.,  http://rpcfp.com.  Featured on WUSA, Fox, NBC TV, Tom Joyner Radio Show, Washington Times and other media sources.  Inspired to write by Emmy Award Winning News Anchor, Director, Mystery/Suspense Published Author of “The Race”, Del Walters.

Sam Rhett-Writer

( Totally not Master or anything ), is a twenty-two year old otaku seeking to dive into the art of literature. Captivated by the horrific, the thrilling, and the suspenseful, he takes after Margaret Writes in pursuit of creating enthralling tales. Not much else is known of the young man aside from his obsession with roleplaying and his passion for music. We hope to see great things from Sam Rhett as he continues to follow his dreams. 

Near Zen-Writer

Not really too much to say about Near Zen... He's just a regular guy who wants a peaceful life surrounded by positive people... Well, he's a hip hop artist in a group called Earthbound Rejects, which explains why writing comes so naturally to him... And he watches a little more than too much anime, hence his love for suspense and mystery... Okay he is also a part of the RPCard Foundation Partners, which helps raise money for scholarships to give to those who work hard but don't have the money for school...But look outside of his musical talents, his love for anime and video games, his charitable efforts towards those in need and his ability to cook the MEANEST grilled cheese egg sandwich you've ever tasted, he's just a regular dude, okay?  


© 2016 by Angela Newsome.

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